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A Unique Precision Instrument
Extreme Accuracy... Close Tolerance Work
Reduce Time and Cost
Now you can equip your shop or laboratory with a precision Magnetic Adjustable V-Block. This tool permits development of profitable new close tolerance work previously impossible with available equipment. In addition, the Anton Magnetic Adjustable V-Block reduces time and cost in your present grinding operations.
Laminations are precision aligned. Constructed by fusing the laminations. No pins are used.

Unique, First Magnetic Adjustable V-Block of its kind.
Self-contained, no loose or separate parts.
Made of alternating material of high permeability - low residual magnetism and non-magnetic strips.
Through Anton's exclusive method of holding laminations without pins or rivets, laminations are guaranteed not to shift.
For maximum holding power, laminations of Parts 1, 2, and 3 match perfectly.
Vernier is graduated to 5 minutes.
Angular setting by sectional gear and gear pinion with knurled knob for easy turning. Extension rod for hairline setting.
Laminated V insert for flat work furnished with unit. (See above photo, part 1.) Handy knobs at each end to facilitate insertion and removal, automatically line up laminations for better magnetic performance.
Wing nut for positive locking of V in any desired position.
Vernier plate and sectional gear plate pinned to V and keyed to base to eliminate any shifting.
To take V-Block apart for cleaning purposes, remove gear plate ONLY. DO NOT remove vernier plate. This insures continuous accuracy.
V groove is precision ground to an included angle of 90°, parallel to the base and sides of the bottom block to +/- .00005 over its entire length.
Graduation on vernier plate are not just lines, but slots cut right through and laying on top of slots of the bottom block. These slots are all the same width, so when setting an angle, you match one vernier slot to a bottom slot. Thus the setting can be relied to be within +/- 15 seconds.
All parts machined to utmost accuracy to insure perfect settings.
The accurate, adjustable 90° V gives
perfect settings every time, quicklyand simply, for any qualityoperations you want.
In toolroom work, a variety of shapes can be held securely and ground to any desired angle.
Because of its accuracy, it is ideally suited for layout work.
If portable magnetic chuck is available, Adjustable Magnetic V-Block can be used on jig borer or other suitable machine.
In production, it enables quick and accurate set-ups. Because it is self-contained, it can be removed easily from machine for priority work without disturbing setting and quickly replaced without loss of time.
Because of its accuracy, it is ideally suited for quality production work.
Length 6"
Width 4-1/2"
Height 2-1/2"
Weight 19 lbs.
Brass Lamination: 1/16th
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