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Secure Holding - Economical - Easy Set-up - Fast Release
Anton magnetic products are designed to work on a magnetic chuck. They are made of alternating laminations of Brass 1/16 and Iron 1/16, or Brass 1/32 and Iron 1/16. Our magnetic products enable you to place them on any form of a magnetic chuck and transfer the holding power to the necessary part. The unique laminations, without pins or screws, will enable you to machine, drill, grind, tap, etc...any of the Anton magnetic products, to the specific set-up need for your parts. The laminations will transfer the desired magnetic holding power needed for small thin parts or large bulky tapered parts up to 24 inches above the chuck when placed on top of each other. The high permeability and low residual magnetism assure easy placement, secure holding and quick release of any desired part from toolmaking to production situations.
There are two very simple, but essential, steps to assure proper utilization of any Anton Magnetic Product:
1. The surface face of the magnetic chuck, and the bottom of the Anton magnetic product, must be ground flat to assure the proper contact and transmission of magnetic holding power.
2. The laminations of the Anton product must run parallel to the lines of power in the magnetic chuck. See below for a simple example of the proper set-up of Anton magnetic products.
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